Have you ever asked yourself about what are the names of baby animals in Portuguese?

If your answer is “sim”(yes) , then you are in the right place.

You can have a look in the video I made for you about this subject and also read the list below. Remember to subscribe the channel “123Portuguese” in YouTube, when watching the video, so you can access more videos and give it a like if you find it interesting. This way we can grow together and help more people to learn European Portuguese language.

Find a list with “CRIAS” ( the word we use to say “baby animals”):

  • Novilho, bezerro or borrego = calf
  • Cordeiro = lamb
  • Leitão = piglet
  • pinto or pintainho = chick
  • cabrito = Goatling
  • cachorro = puppy
  • bebé = baby

To other baby animals you just put the name of the animal and add the word “bebé” in the end. For example : “Tigre bebé” ( baby tiger), “esquilo bebé” ( baby squirrel) and so on.

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